Training/Boarding/Behavior Modification

Bespoke Dog Training, Because Every Dog is Different

At Little Horse Creek Farm they do more than just companion obedience training. They address behavior problems, hyperactivity, aggression issues, house training, confidence building, nutrition and puppy critical socialization.

“They” are John and Earle Quy.

John utilizes his own personally developed SoftTouch Dog Training method.  It is a no-force method that has evolved out of more than 40 years experience and over 5000 dogs trained. (Book in progress!)  Decades of experience has taught him what works and what doesn’t. It is a user friendly training method that allows people to accomplish what they need in companion, family friendly dog training in ONE four session course.

Little Horse Creek Farm is nine acres of dog haven full of lush forest,  a glistening creek and welcoming  mountain side nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. The Bespoke Training Building was custom designed and built by one of their  very first clients, a movie set builder,  almost 20 years ago.  There is an agility yard adjacent that is used for confidence building and relationship building.  The boarding facility, called “The Long House” has been designed to make best use of what the land, sun and trees have to offer.

Little Horse Creek Farm’s clients come from all over the South including Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and as far north as New York City , Maryland, Washington DC. and as far west as California.

They also have a facility in Damascus, Virginia.

Behavior Evaluations:

John offers Behavior Evaluations to clients with dogs experiencing behavior problems. The evaluation usually only takes about an hour and at the end of that time John will offer his recommendations based on answers to his testing and your dog’s behavior while in his evaluation studio.


John developed his StartRight Class 20 years ago for people with puppies starting as young as seven to eight weeks of age. The class covers house training, nutrition, bite control and critical social skill development.  This is probably the single most important class you will ever take with your puppy.

John can spot possible behavior anomalies early on and tweak them for you. If you have a puppy even as young as 7 or 8 weeks old,  contact them now!  The humane societies, rescues and dog pounds are full of dogs whose critical social skill development period was not addressed properly.

The StartRight is incorporated into the Six Hour Private Class explained below.

Six Hour Private Course:

The Six Hour Private Course is broken down into four, ninety minute  classes. John will give you homework and asks that you practice at home with the puppy/dog for ten minutes, twice a day.

John will try to get you in once a week, but if your schedule does not allow that, no problem, just keep doing the homework and return when scheduling does allow. This is just one of the many advantages of private classes. You never miss one!

At the end of the Six Hour Course and completion of the homework you should have the basic commands of “Come”, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Heel” , “Let’s Go”, “Wait” and “OK” or variations thereof that are of your choosing.  The aim is for a polite companion, family friendly dog while addressing any specific needs that you might have.

Three Week In-Residence Course:

With the Three Week In-Residence Course you will leave your dog with John for three weeks.  John does an evaluation with you and the dog at drop off.  There will be two ninety minute classes with yourselves to transfer the training.

“Come”, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Heel” , “Let’s Go”, “Wait” and “OK” or variations thereof, that are of your choosing, are taught.  The aim is for a polite companion, family friendly dog, but we are able to tweak the training for your specific needs.

Train While You Board:

When dogs board at Little Horse Creek Farm they receive updated training during their stay.  For this reason Little Horse Creek Farm only boards dogs that have trained with them or are in the process of training with them.  John has found this to be an extremely effective way to advance training.

The Long House is nestled in a grove of maple trees that supply lovely shade in summer.  It can be completely opened on three sides in the warmer months. In the cooler months the sliding translucent stable doors close providing warm solar heat combined with the earth bermed floor to make a very comfortable environment. Other boarding facilities have been designed after Little Horse Creek Farm’s.

The residents of The Long  House can see all their neighbors which is crucial for keeping dogs well socialized and friendly with other dogs.  Each dog also has a view of field, stream , forest and mountain.

There are only nine runs. Just enough to keep the ONLY boarding facility workers busy, John and Earle Quy.  They fully expect  to be involved in every aspect of your puppy or dog’s care during their stay.  It is the only way they have done it and the only way they will ever do it!

(c) Little Horse Creek Farm, LLC  2015            All original photos taken by John & Earle Quy