“Dear John and Earle,
As we are preparing to make our move this week we thought it was important to take a minute to truly thank all of the people who helped to make our years in the High Country such a wonderful time.
It is hard to imagine anyone else being able to hold a candle to how well you have taught us to work with our dogs.  Your understanding and love of dogs is abundantly evident in everything you do, and your patience-with both dog and owner is profound.
It was impossibly hard to leave the dogs boarded-but never for an instant did we worry about them or the level of care they were receiving.  You both provide a level of comfort that sets the bar for your industry.  You bring something remarkable to your profession with your true love of animals.
We have very much enjoyed getting to know you both.  And, we have genuinely appreciated what impeccable care you take of the dogs and us.  You are a tremendous asset to the community.
Thank you so much for everything!”
– H. & D.  K.,   Boone, North Carolina,   2005

“The joy of learning for my children was always a top priority as was their attending the very best possible schools and attaining the best possible educations suited to their talents, abilities and aspirations.
The same philosophy applied to my animals in my choosing the best possible trainings for them.
With master teachers and trainers alike, I have found concepts become experiences, which is learning at its purest and finest.
Such is my own experience with John Quy and his training expertise.  John is the Master Trainer; hence I have become a better master to my animals…because John continues to teach even when he is seemingly just talking since John really teaches by example in all that he says and does.
Such a learning atmosphere is the very best that parents could possibly want for their beloveds.
Some people hide behind their laurels; John Quy hides behind nothing!  He simply is what you see, what you experience, what you value, which makes Little Horse Creek Farm the oasis in the desert of dog training…very much like Harvard is the oasis of learning in formal education.  In the latter, the student emerges all the wiser for his Harvard experience; in the former, the dog emerges all the wiser for his Little Horse Creek Farm experiences.”
– M. A. H.,  Educator-Retired,  Thomasville, Georgia,  2013

“Many thanks for the last several weeks for helping to train me & Hattie. We both thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. They ended way too quickly.
The drive to Little Horse Creek Farm is absolutely amazing -certainly some of the most beautiful scenery in the North Carolina mountains. This is just an added bonus for a wonderful experience. My best to you both.”
– T. T.,  Beech Mountain, North Carolina,  2013

“Dear John,
Just wanted to let you know how happy I’ve been with the results of taking Ranger to you for obedience training – 8 years ago I think. He has been a wonderful dog. Since he was large and I was an aging owner, I knew we both needed training. Your methods worked so well.
I hike a lot. Yesterday we went out for about 4 miles. We came to 8 different trail intersections, where choices had to be made. He waited for me to point the direction I wanted to go 7 out of 8 times. I have different calls I use, one to come to me, and another just to get in sight. I also use a little routine, which I think continues to reinforce things. When I park at the trailhead, I open his back door and give him the command to “Wait”. He will stay in the car with the door open while I put on my boots and get gear. When I finally say “Okay”, he shoots out of the car like a bullet.
Hope life is going well for you. In the future when the need arises, I’ll return.”
– J. W.,  Sparta, North Carolina,   2014

“Hello John,
I want to thank you again for Duke.  We stopped at the mall in Bristol, Tennessee where I took Duke for a walk through the big box store.  He was very confident from the time his feet hit the ground.  He acted like a super star walking passed other dogs. He sure got a lot of attention from the customers as well as from the workers in the store.  Made another stop before going into Tazewell, Tennessee, again he drew lots of attention from folks. I think it is the confidence on leash that leads to calm around loud trucks, strangers and other dogs. My wife loves him and asked me if he could be her dog too.
Thanks again,
D.W.,  Rockholds,Kentucky,  2013 ”

“Dear Earle,
I’ve already thanked John for his incredible work training Grace and I’d like to thank you too for inspiring me to board her with you and for your help training her. The contrast between the dog I dropped off and the one I picked up was incredible. I am so grateful!”
– C. G.,   Deep Gap, North Carolina,   2012

It has been a year since Bullet came to live with us. I took him for his yearly check up and the vet was very pleased with his weight.
I can tell you that going to the vet was a far cry better than last year.  This year he walked in with me, sat at my side as I checked in, sat quietly in the waiting room until we were called, sat quietly until the doctor came in and never moved when he was examined.  In fact, they gave him an extra treat for being so good.
He doesn’t follow us down the driveway when we leave anymore. Comes immediately when I call him even when he is out of sight.
Our walks are off leash and he stays right by my side.
Remember when we couldn’t get him to go near the the truck and he wouldn’t have anything to do with our Gator, well, that has changed. Gets in every time the truck or Gator cranks, loves to ride.
Many thanks for all you did for us.”
– Anne, West Jefferson, North Carolina, 2013

“We took Chessie to get spayed today and she was the best behaved dog at the vet’s. There was another German Shephard who was almost three years old and it was VERY high-strung! It kept jumping up on her owner, and he couldn’t make her sit!!!
I am very glad that we got Chessie trained on time!
I had put Chessie in a sit sit-stay and she stayed there the whole time (while other dogs were coming in and barking and whining) until I said “Release”.”
– G.W.,   Lansing, North Carolina,   2011   (G.W. was 10 years old at this writing.)

“Thank you both again for taking such great care of our little Indy!
We both noticed a huge improvement in her walking behavior. She’s “walking on” and pulling less, sitting before we even have to say it when we stop walking. You guys are amazing! We’re doing our best to continue to praise and maintain those actions. It’s so nice to have her back!
& thank you Earle for the doggie treats!”
– S.B.,  Boone, North Carolina,   2012

“Just wanted to tell you that Bella has become an incredible adult dog.  We enjoy life with her immensely.
She’s wonderful with people and just great with kids.  I take her to the park and she lets them love all over her.
We walk her by fenced dogs that come charging and barking and she has almost no reaction and no longer gets her hackles up in these situations.  We are very happy and your advice to desensitize her by walking along fenced dogs was perfect.
Thanks for your part yet again in helping us create a relationship with a dog that is rich and rewarding.”
– M.H.,   Charlotte, North Carolina,    2012

“I want to let you know how much you have helped DJ and me. I am back to enjoying him and playing with him. Also, he is able to entertain himself more than he did before.
As I continue to say, I would not have been in this good place without your help and am very appreciative every day. Continued Thanks!
I truly believe in what you do.”
– G.A.,  Columbia, South Carolina,   2015

We want to tell you what a wonderful job you did with Brownie. He’s practically a “robot”.  He does everything we ask of him.  We are especially happy with the  way he acts around people.
Thanks so much.”
– P. & L. S. ,    Bristol, Virginia,    2011

“Hey John and Earle! Hope you both are well. Took Loki out to the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival today.  He did wonderful!  Very crowded!  Weaved him in and out of the crowd, sit stays while I looked.  Lots of comments about his behavior. Several dog encounters-no outbursts. Your name was out there a lot. Thanks for all your help!”

– T. G.,   Purlear, North Carolina,   2014

“Dear John,
Again-merci et merci beaucoup for the extraordinary training you accomplished with Jazz.
He did very well with all the holiday company plus two other poodles.
You are indeed a remarkable trainer and we do appreciate all your patience and hard work.  We are all much happier.”

– L.O.,   Blowing Rock, NC ,   2005

“Hi, John

Joyous homecoming from the pack…Bunny is amazing after her 3 week in house training…you and Earle are beyond amazing.”

– M.B,.  Boone, North Carolina,   2015
“Thank you for all your hard work and help with Sampson. You are always ready to answer phone calls and emails (and still do!).”
– T.H.,  Wilkesboro, North Carolina,   2012

Thanks for keeping Bear this week. It is so nice having someone you trust 100%  to take care of him.”
– D.A.,   Granite Falls, North Carolina   2012

Thanks for taking such good care of Shadow-I couldn’t have enjoyed the trip at all if I hadn’t known she was safe and happy at the “Farm”.”
– G.S.,  Blowing Rock, North Carolina,  2000

“Hi John and Earle,

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I bought Frankie an
American made “Kong” on the way home. He loves it. Anita and I had lots
of play time with him last night. Last night was our best night ever
with Frankie. I worked with him tonight after chores. He is passed out
now! Thanks for your help and all you do.”

– E. H.,   Fleetwood, North Carolina,   2014

“Thanks as always for looking after Mah and Chuk.
What is so nice is that they LOVE being there and they LOVE being together! Thanks for your time and effort…we appreciate both of you and your care for these two hounds!”
– M.S.,  Umatilla, Florida,  2014

“Bercha is maturing into a fine animal – sweet, affectionate with his pack, loves his routines and his harness and piano lessons. Favorite toy is “legs” – with a bit of peanut butter inside. Would like to be sitting in the front seat with us, but alas, 70 pounds is a bit much for my lap.
But he still doesn’t seem to be able to catch the damn rabbit that is eating our spinach and broccoli!
Love that silly dog.  Thanks for giving him a chance!”
– M.A.,   Winston-Salem, North Carolina,    2013

“Dear John,
Thank you for working with Mommy and me. I am a happy dog because I can use my good manners to bring joy to other people.
My parents are very proud of me.
I hope I will see you again. Until then, I am your confident, intelligent and
– C.S.,  Blowing Rock, North Carolina,   2007

“Dear John,
The Grand Opening of the Dog Park was a huge success and I want to thank you for being part of it.  We had lots of comments on your presentation.
We are lucky to have you on our team.
Thanks again for all you continue to do for us.”
– J.C.,   Boone, North Carolina,   2006

“Dear John & Earle,
We just wanted to thank you for your wonderful talk at the library earlier this evening.
My husband and I both appreciated your candor…and marvel at the courage and determination you both share. (And what a strong marriage you must have to have weathered not only the weather and the isolation…but all that chronic stess as well!! We are very impressed!)
Neither of us have that driving pioneer spirit…or that kind of passion that landed you in the Minnesota woods…but we are both sort of in awe of people who do…and enjoyed listening to your stories so very much.
We wish we had dogs so we could train them!
Thank you so much for sharing your time and great adventure with us!”
– S. & T. E.,   Boone, North Carolina,   2008
This letter refers to John & Earle’s “Living with Wolves” presentation. To read about the presentation click here.


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